December 04, 2003

On Clark

My goodness, is Matt Taibbi ever an idiot, and the NY Press has slumped into mediocrity so fast after Russ Smith sold it that it hurts even my hard heart. Nevertheless, Taibbi has a really interesting piece on Clark in, of all places, the Nation. The opening line, about Clark's blank, unblinking eyes, is dead on:

You can see something in the eyes of most all the Democratic candidates: the pugnacity of Howard Dean, the idealism of Dennis Kucinich, even (surprisingly) the elaborate sense of humor just under the surface of Joe Lieberman.

Not Wesley Clark. His eyes are blank. Like a turtle resting on a rock in the middle of a pond, he simply seems never to move, no matter how long you stare.

The rest of the piece has some really funny moments as well (such as when he tells people at the Clark meetup that he is a porn director). Worth a read.

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More on Clark from, coincidentally, Russ Smith at the NY Press: here.

Posted by: Kashei at December 4, 2003 03:21 PM

well, image matters, huh? But I never liked the 3rd grade remarks about Bush, and I don't like them about Clark. Save that for drinking at the lodge with buddies. But professional discourse demands better care.

Posted by: /Slant Point. at December 4, 2003 07:31 PM
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