March 21, 2004

Meet Mark W. Smith

A few years ago, I attended a debate about gun control. Having grown up in Brooklyn, and despite the fact that my parents had guns in the house, I was quite brainwashed to the whole idea of guns. Guns=bad, and that's it. Still, I was open to hearing the other side of the argument. The debate featured Niger Innis and Mark Smith on the Right and two people whose names I don't remember on the Left. Basically, the Right presented reasoned, clear arguments as to why legal gun ownership is a right we must protect and how it makes us all safer while the Left used 'think about the children' as the theme for their flimsy case. I was intrigued and left the debate having had my thinking altered. As I mentioned in a previous post, isn't that what debates are for?

Anyway, I sought out Mark Smith, because I had loved the arguments he had made and the way that he had made them, and asked him to recommend some books on guns. He recommended one pro-gun book (More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott) and one anti-gun book that has since been discredited for falsifying large chunks of it (Arming America by Michael A. Bellesiles). I read both and there was no question, the pro-gun book just made more rational sense. The gun section of my book collection now has four pro-gun books, the same one against, and one that presents both sides of the debate.

I stayed in touch with Mark, asking gun questions when I had them, looking for him to be another debate, and generally just enjoying running into him on the NY rightwing scene. So, when I was at CPAC in January and saw his name on the speaker's schedule with a note that he is an author of a new book, I was very excited. The topic was 'liberal show business' and Mark was, as always, terrific.

I went to his book launch party last night with Ari. His book is called 'The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy' and it's a one-stop shop of arguments to leftist lunacy. Grab a copy and watch for his name. Mark Smith is going to be really famous really soon.

Update: Scott from Slantpoint was there too and has more (though how he wrote this last night I will never understand, I was certainly in no state to blog after the party).

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Every one who is for gun control should be required to put up this sign on the door to their home.

WARNING No weapons of any kind are allowed in this home.

The criminals will slowly eliminate the left and that will end the gun control debate.

Posted by: Jake at March 21, 2004 01:43 PM

first.....I must say....what a clever "leading" propaganda approach.the basic agument is,you cant stop guns,so you might as well own them.or a "face the facts"type of arguement.a "look it's hopeless so why try" atitude" and this is proposed as "leadership" in solving the problem.not only are all his "suppositions" based on "follow me" I will lead you to the truth.....but also his facts are drawn from whatever sources support his views with his logical twist added.let's face's all about money.....because money buys the comforts indulgences,and excesses of life....always will.he is just a new face put forward to promote those currently in power(by himself?)who "promise all the followers" the same rewards if they will support their views.It's in essence a "king of the hill" defense using material reward in the disguise of "being right", or virtuos,or patriotic,or godly,or macho,or caring.dont forget reasonable and intelligent.oops!leave out reasonable!I personnally can out debate any so called "conservative" disguised as a self centered, righteous, looking for approval,highly educated,mama's boy!......especially mark smith.

Posted by: GUNNY at July 18, 2004 01:08 AM
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