June 03, 2004

Girls, Girls, Girls.

Yesterday, I went to the Chat -n- Chew with the fascinating Dawn Eden and then came home just in time for an impromptu all-chick Hold 'Em game with the glorious Lisa, the wonderous Jessica and the magnificent Ari. I've just checked my email and there is a book club notice from the all girl book club with beautiful members C, Dahl, Esther, Fish, Smitten and the aforementioned Ari.

Having always had mostly guy friends, I'm really enjoying this recent spike in girl friendships (and not just because I now have cute girls to set my guy friends up with) . The bigger plus is the fact that they are all bloggers. One of my minuses with women was that they are big phone talkers. With the exception of talking to Dawn Summers, if you can really call what we do 'talking', it's more like surfing the internet together quietly and grunting at each other when we find something interesting, I despise the telephone. Lisa jokes that I'm like a guy, my half of the conversation goes 'what's up? You coming over here? Ok, see you soon, byebye.' But, if you don't talk on the phone, then you are out of the loop, not knowing what your friend is up to. Blogs solve all that. I don't need to talk to you, I can read your blog to find out what you're doing, what you're thinking, and how you're feeling. So, ladies of the world, start a blog. If nothing else, it may lead to being friends with me. 09.gif

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Ring, Ring

K: Did you see my post?
Me: Is it new? Did you see my comment?

I think we are defeating the No-telephone-necessary advantages of blogging.

Posted by: Dawn Summers at June 3, 2004 12:05 PM

Karol, I find your phone hatred admirable. I have friends in far flung places and I don't mind spending quite a bit of phone time with them. But nothing drives me battier than people who live in the same city and who want to chat on the phone endlessly. What the hell? If you want to talk that badly, get your ass on the train.

Posted by: ken at June 3, 2004 12:29 PM

Karol - our phone chats are my favorite {all under 30 seconds} I'd rather seen you any day of the week.

Hell, I'd rather see most people then deal with a phone. And ~ as usual ~ had a great time with you all last night.

I might {finally} be catching on!!!

Posted by: Ari at June 3, 2004 01:02 PM

So...if I start a blog, you will return an email??? hee hee......

Posted by: Vanessa at June 3, 2004 01:06 PM

I'm lovin the girls nights too but Karol is like a guy on the phone!

She actually tried to have a phone conversation with me the other day. "you see Lisa I'm trying"

But I don't want no pity conversation:)

Oh and on a similiar subject, when are you getting a new cell? I'm ready to throw that thing out the window.

Posted by: Lisa at June 3, 2004 01:12 PM

I hate the phone too!
And commence with the setting-up!

Posted by: C at June 3, 2004 01:52 PM

I usually only like talking on the phone when I have to bitch about something, but now I just blog about it.

Posted by: Jessica at June 3, 2004 01:53 PM

um, why do you think i started dating a fellow blogger?

Posted by: dahl at June 3, 2004 04:46 PM

Why thank you.

(And I hate hate hate the telephone. I think I wore out my fascination with it in high school. Gah.)

Posted by: deb at June 3, 2004 05:59 PM

Dawn, it's more like 'guy, have you seen my post'.

Ken, according to the comments in another post, plenty of people would get on a train to see you.

Ari, you rocked at Hold 'Em. Keep on keepin' on, girlfriend.

Vanessa, I've been sucking at email lately, very sorry. Join us for poker sometime.

Lisa, I'm trying...just for you. New cell is forthcoming.

Jessica, that's one of my favorite things about blogging.

C, I've got a bunch of guy friends. Some would make better boyfriends than others.

Dahl, my boyfriend blogs too but he doesn't give away anything personal so we still need to actually talk in person. I'm working on ending that though. (Kidding, Peter)

Deb, I liked it in high school too. But there was no internet then. I can't concentrate on the phone, I end up surfing. Phone is also the one time where you have to devote 100% attention, no silence, no pauses, no looking around.

Hold 'Em invites to all the ladies in this comment section. Come play poker with us!

Posted by: Karol at June 3, 2004 08:11 PM

Looks like I just missed the bulk of this conversation. Darnit.

Karol, where are all these mythical men in your life? Are any of them Jewish? If so, how can we import them into mine?

I hear ya on the phone thing. Haven't been much of a talker lately, but that's partially because I've still got dialup, so if I want to be online, I "can't come to the phone right now..."


Posted by: Esther at June 4, 2004 02:58 AM

Hey hey hey!!!

Esther... I get dibs on the cute, single Jewish ones. Are ya nuts??!!


Posted by: Ari at June 4, 2004 09:43 AM

Whats this???? Women that play poker AND hang out with my-girl Karol AND express interest in handsome Jewish men (with underlying sexual innuendos) ....... I'm All In!!!!!!!

Posted by: Frank at June 4, 2004 12:30 PM

The innuendo was underlying?!! I didn't realize we were being so discreet. *lol*

Posted by: ari at June 4, 2004 05:21 PM
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