August 21, 2004

Hangin' with cutie Commies

Jessica and I went down to Union Square to join the Communists for Kerry today. We got there a little while after it started and there were several comrades assembled. Lenin was there, of course, as was Che Guevara and some lesser known Commies. It was so fun. Union Square is a meeting place for all kinds of groups, so we were in the vicinity of a Socialist group (whose banner proclaimed that we must bring the troops home now or face mutiny), a group that wants to 'free' Palestine and the Fulan Gong group.

As noted in the last Communist for Kerry report, the Socialists are actually a lot more easy-going than your regular run of the mill NY liberal. One such liberal came by the table and was literally frothing at the mouth and spitting and calling one of the Commies for Kerry a 'racist'(of course). He said he went to Harvard (again, of course) and that he had a website. My antennae went up. I asked him his site and he said I can only imagine what kind of indoctrination these Ukrainian kids will get with this guy involved. He was fuming, screaming 'you're dirt' over and over at one of the guys in Ukrainian. The Socialists, on the other hand, didn't scream or froth, and we got along pretty well with them. Their crime, if anything, was boring us, as the leader of their group read us his police report for being arrested for using a megaphone in public.

One cool, random thing about the event today was how many Soviet-born people were in our group. By my count there was 6, possibly more. I mentioned that to this girl Julia and she said 'it's because we know what the liberals are trying to do, we've seen it before. For example, the lack of American history being taught in American schools. They did the same thing in the Soviet Union. The first thing they did was erase our history.'

Lot's of people mistook the group as actually being pro-Kerry and people were both happy and annoyed at that. A crushing moment came when a kid, no older than 14 or so, came by the table and said 'oh I love Communism, it was just done by the wrong people.' Oy. At one point this guy walked by and looked at the table and said 'you're Communists? This is exactly why we need to keep Bush.' We started laughing and called him back to us, told him he was among friends. He turned out to be, like Jessica, a guitar player in a band.

One thing that Jessica and I noticed was how cutie everyone in the group was. I'm happily taken, as is Jessica, but if you're not the selection could not be better than at Communists for Kerry events.

I've written before how I'm not a protestor and that's why this was so fun and cool. You're not protesting, the Communists for Kerry are putting on a show and it's a good one. Definitely come check them out if you live in NYC. Cigar and Che shirt are optional.

UPDATE: A post by someone who had passed by the Communist for Kerry table and mistook them for actual Commies.

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'One thing that Jessica and I noticed was how cutie everyone in the group was."

Isn't it amazing how us Republicans are all so good looking! It's called class baby!!


Posted by: jheka at August 22, 2004 03:00 AM

Damn, missed out on all the commie fun!

Jess- The Cliffs are cute!

Posted by: Lisa at August 22, 2004 10:37 AM

The Ukrainian guy was so agitated that, actually, and this is the complete truth, he was foaming at his feet!

Posted by: Kommander Djin at August 22, 2004 12:36 PM
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