September 21, 2004

Baseball v. Politics

I found the Nate knows Nada site via the aforementioned Vote 121 toolbar. He's got a post excerpting a story in the Boston Globe that has a reporter giving 52 Bostonians one wish (of two), whether they would choose Kerry winning the presidency or the Red Sox winning the World Series. Twenty people chose Kerry winning the presidency, 32 chose the Red Sox taking the World Series. Nate calls this 'what may be wrong with American politics.' I'm surprised that they even got 20 to choose Kerry, honestly.

Of course, I called one of the biggest baseball fans in my life, my brother, immediately (the other big baseball fan in my life has this thing called a job). He too was surprised that any Boston fans chose Kerry because of the length of their shutout from winning the Series and said 'I would choose Bush to win for the future of our country, the Yankees always have next year.' Just then, a Bush-loving, Red Sox fan called me. I asked him the same question and he chose Bush, with no hesitation. I know it's not new to say that Bush supporters are actually supporters, while Kerry voters tend to just be anti-Bush. And, that's the thing: Red Sox fans love the Red Sox. They don't just hate the Yankees. Of course they would be more likely to choose success for their team than success for a guy that's just not that other guy.

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Of course the Sox won that. Because not everyone in Massachusetts likes Kerry (there are Republicans there, and conservative Democrats, and people who hate Kerry for non-political reasons). But everyone in Mass. loves the Red Sox.

Posted by: Stephen Silver at September 21, 2004 02:56 PM

That's a great hypothetical. If you asked me to pick between a Bush win and a Houston Astros World Series win, I'm not sure what I'd do. We can always rebuild America. The Astros winning the World Series? That might literally require divine intervention. No, I'd probably choose Bush, unless I got to package the World Series with a Texas Longhorns football national title. At that point I could die happy and not have to worry who's in the Oval Office.

Posted by: Drew at September 21, 2004 04:00 PM

My brother thinks Cubs fans should be asked this question, your team or your president. Any Cubs fans reading?

I asked another Bush/Yankee fan tonight. He thought about it for a long time and finally said he would choose Bush.

Posted by: Karol at September 21, 2004 10:44 PM

Yankee fans shouldn't count. They've won more World Series titles in the past decade than my team has won playoff games in its franchise history. It's not a difficult choice for them at all. So they give up a Series this year. Next year they're right back to being the favorite.

Posted by: Drew at September 21, 2004 11:17 PM

The Yankees, you may have noticed, are yet to win a World Series in the Bush presidency.

Posted by: Steve at September 21, 2004 11:45 PM

They won the year Bush was elected.

Posted by: Peter at September 22, 2004 09:36 AM

Well, in 2000 Clinton was still president, and the series ended before election day.

Posted by: Stephen Silver at September 22, 2004 10:16 AM
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