November 05, 2004

Stop Arlen.

Anyone who saw my interview with Arlen Specter from early September should not be surprised that he is already talking smack about Bush. His exact words were 'I'm going to be the same Arlen Specter I've always been'.

So, there's a movement afoot to get rid of him. I know of Stop Specter Now and also Not Specter.

How big a mistake was it for Bush to campaign so hard for Specter? I think it was the biggest of the campaign.

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Hold on. Are you seriously advocating a movement to get rid of a Republican Senator because he has said he will act with integrity?

Posted by: Rick Blaine at November 5, 2004 05:28 PM

Specter isn't a Republican. Or, he is, in the same way that Mike Bloomberg is, which is not at all. Specter actually does harm to the party with his out there positions and statements. So, yes, I advocate his removal as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Posted by: Karol at November 5, 2004 05:38 PM

Now if Karol had added something about James K. Polk, refered to our country as the Republic and went on a rambling and somewhat pointless aside about how the future George IV and the eccentric George Hanger had once wagered thousands of pounds on a twenty mile race between a flock of turkeys and a gaggle of geese, I would have sworn that I had written her above comment.

Posted by: Von Bek at November 5, 2004 05:47 PM

I see. Because in the end, like President Bush, who is only willing to "reach out to those who share [his] goals," for you it is not about the country, it is about the Party. And there can be no dissent within the Party.

Posted by: Rick Blaine at November 5, 2004 05:56 PM


The majority of Americans share Bush's goals-Specter doesn't.

That is why Specter cannot be in a position of leadership-he is against the goals of most Americans.

We won the election, your ilk didn't.

“Learn it, know it, Live it.

Said by Judge Reinhold
in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Posted by: Jake at November 5, 2004 06:15 PM

Jake: Just because 51% of voters (less than 25% of all Americans) voted for Bush, doesn't mean they all share all of his goals. I'm sure most of them don't even know what his goals are.

But Arlen Specter also was elected, and won 53% of the vote in his state. He should be allowed to represent those people, even if their goals -- especially if their goals -- are different from Bush's, or even the rest of the country. That is what representative democracy is all about.

Posted by: Rick Blaine at November 5, 2004 06:39 PM

I hate to say it, but I might have to go with Rick on this one. Specter is a representative first and foremost of his state. The good folks of Pennsylvania voted him in. The good folks of New York should leave well enough alone. In my opinion, it doesn't hurt to have some off-the-script Republicans running around -- even if they're total ingrates, even if the State Party made sure other Republicans didn't have a shot. The Bush guys wanted a "sure" winner ... well, now they can just put up with him.

Posted by: ken at November 5, 2004 06:53 PM

How is this for a joke, Ken?

I may agree with Karol here. Not surprisingly, I prefer to have Specter as a Senator from Pennsylvania as opposed to others that can get elected there (Santorum, anyone?), but all Karol is saying is that she is going to support candidates to unseat him (which would change the definition of "what Pennsylvania wants" in a representative democracy). Sounds kosher to me.

Posted by: ugarte at November 5, 2004 07:58 PM

Here’s what you can do:

** Call the White House at 202-456-1111.

** Call the Republicans on the Senate Judicary Committee:
Hatch (202) 224-5251
Grassley (202)224.3744
Kyl (202) 224-4521
DeWine (202) 224-2315
Sessions (202) 224-4124
Graham (202) 224-5972
Craig 202/224-2752
Chambliss (202) 224-3521
Cornyn 202-224-2934

** Send e-mail to the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. You can find the contact information here.

** Call and e-mail your own Republican senator. You can find the information at the link above.

** visit Spoons website and read the threads that have been running for the past couple of days. As spoons points out, this is time-sensitive. It’s important to make ourselves heard before the meeting takes place to select a Judiciary Committee chairman, which could happen as early as next week.

Posted by: Lastango at November 5, 2004 09:19 PM

Want to know more about Arlen Specter? Get up-to-date quick by reading these articles:


Washington Times.

National Review Online

NRO Archives

Washington Times.

Posted by: Lastango at November 5, 2004 09:21 PM

This particular Pennsylvania didn't vote for him. Sure, I know he was going to win, and I couldn't bring myself to sully my conscience by voting for Specter, so I voted for the Libertarian candidate.

Personally, I prefer Santorum far more then Specter. I feel that they balance each other well. Specter represents Blue Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) while Santorum represents the rest of the commonwealth.

Posted by: Xoxotl at November 5, 2004 09:21 PM

That's not what I understood, Ugarte. I understood Karol to be advocating a "movement" to prevent Senator Specter from becoming Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

As far as I know, chairmanship of a Senate Committee is determined by seniority within the majority party. I'm happy to be corrected, but it seems Karol is suggesting that despite the fact that Senator Specter has earned the position of Chairman under the established system, she feels he should be denied the chair because his views may differ from those of the President.

Posted by: Rick Blaine at November 6, 2004 12:12 AM

Ah. So I guess you clicked on the links, Rick.

Posted by: ugarte at November 6, 2004 04:16 AM

A couple points.
1. Congressmen are there to represent their area. Senators are for the entire country.
2. While seniority usually plays into chairmanships it is not an absolute.
3. It is as equally wrong to exclude any potential nominee for being pro-life as it would be to exclude one for another view point. Like with most accusations from the left, the "litmus test" is actually a Dem tactic.
4. Specter's not just in favor of killings babies, he also opposes the president on several things the president talked about pushing during the campaign. Most notable Specter is against tort reform or fixing social security.

Lastly, there is an old joke. There are two kind of senators. There are Republicans who don't like Senator Specter and then there are Democrats who don't like Senator Specter.

Posted by: LargeBill at November 6, 2004 10:32 AM

Oh yeah, Toomey needs to be given a high profile job during the next administration.

Posted by: LargeBill at November 6, 2004 10:34 AM

Between now and the end of the year, Republican priorities should be preventing Arlen Specter from becoming chair of Judiciary and removing Dan Rather from CBS News.

The President is more than capable of handling magnanimity by himself. We need to eliminate our enemies.

Posted by: Mike at November 6, 2004 10:51 PM

"Discourse and dissent were ever the enemies of democracy."

(Republican motto)

Posted by: Rick Blaine at November 7, 2004 01:02 AM

Hugh Hewitt would disagree.

Posted by: Shawn at November 7, 2004 02:06 PM

There's another reason to take out Arlen: he opposes the President's economic reforms. The President got 51% of the vote while oromising Social Security reform, tort reform, and tax reform (and in a democracy Rick, 51% means you get to govern--in fact, you only need 50% plus one person!) Because voters (even if it's just 51%) chose Bush, these reforms should become the law of the land.

Arlen Specter is weak on SS reform and tort reform. We will need strong leadership in the Senate in order to defeat un-democratic liberal filibusters. The will of a few RINO Pennsylvanians (the difference between Toomey and Specter) should not overrule the will of the majority.

And the democratic process DOES allow Republican members of the Judiciary Commitee to keep Specter out of leadership positions. Why should career politicians like Specter be rewarded for over two decades of pork and politiking?

There's a free market group that agrees with my stance on this, and they have a petition to shut down Specter:

Posted by: shibsgw at November 10, 2004 12:27 PM

Quote from Jake:


The majority of Americans share Bush's goals-Specter doesn't.

That is why Specter cannot be in a position of leadership-he is against the goals of most Americans.

We won the election, your ilk didn't.

“Learn it, know it, Live it.

^Most americans are morons. Untill I see some convincing evidence that proves the YEARS of reaserch I've been doing on this topic, I will continue to belive that the current administration is one of the worst this country has ever seen, and will not hold ANY anti-bush statement against Specter.

Posted by: Jonathan Arena at November 11, 2004 01:29 PM
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