June 06, 2005

I just have a feeling about this one

Headline: Chen safe to return, Chinese ambassador says

China's ambassador to Australia, Fu Ying, says a diplomat who has sought political asylum in Australia would face no punishment if he returned to China. Chen Yonglin has been in hiding since leaving the Chinese consulate in Sydney 11 days ago. He has alleged that China has up to 1,000 spies working in Australia and also claims that his Government has kidnapped Chinese nationals working in Australia and forced them to return to China.

Memo to Mr. Chen: I think they might by lying.

By the by, diplomats generally lead easy lives. Can you imagine how bad China must be for regular people if their diplomats are making a run for it? This reminds me of the story of the rumor that swept Havana that said that Mexico was going to be taking in refugees. People swarmed the Mexican embassy in Havana, climbing the walls and breaking through the gates. Let me just repeat that: people were risking their lives to get to Mexico, a place so ailing that their president thinks it's a-ok, hell it's their domestic policy, to try to get as many Mexicans into America as possible. I know, I know, America's embargo against Cuba is the only reason for poverty there and if only we'd buy their cigars and sell them our cars, everything would be dandy. I just want to know, what's China's excuse then?

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Austrailian women!!. Mate.

Posted by: PAUL at June 6, 2005 06:17 AM

China's excuse? Recognizing Taiwan. It just causes such mental trauma that it makes people behave irrationally.

Posted by: Gib at June 6, 2005 09:23 AM

I doubt this was motivated by quality of life issues. Rather he hints at human rights as a prime motivator for his defection. Who knows? I imagine we'll find out more if he is able to find a safe haven somewhere or we'll never know if he gets sent back to China.

Posted by: Mike at June 6, 2005 06:29 PM
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