December 19, 2005

I've got a way with the anonymous men of the blogosphere

Ace and Allahpundit to meet, for the first time, today at my place. Film at 11.

Update, 5:23pm: "Are you going to live-blog this, you geek?"-Allah to me.

Update, 8:30pm: "You seem to have a lot of opinions, maybe you should start a blog or something."-Ace to Allah.

Update, 9:30pm: "More beer?"- Ace to Allah. "Eh, I've had 13 already"-Allah to Ace.

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Actually, Karol, I think that film's already in the theatres. Directed by Ang Lee.

Posted by: utron at December 19, 2005 04:55 PM


Posted by: Gib at December 19, 2005 05:42 PM

Yeah, Karol, please do live blog it.

Posted by: ll at December 19, 2005 07:23 PM

Strip poker, Karol. Get them both naked. You can do it. :)

Posted by: ll at December 19, 2005 07:52 PM

Well, this is a total rip-off. Ace-I'm straight, I'm straight, I'm straight-of-Spades and the infamous girly-man deity are in the same room, and you're not live-blogging it?

What, do they want their privacy or something?

Posted by: SWLiP at December 19, 2005 08:16 PM

They're planning their camping trip.

Posted by: ll at December 19, 2005 08:20 PM

Uh oh, Karol. That last update sounded a bit too sober. Liquor them up and then suggest strip poker. Make sure the batteries to your digital camera are charged. :)

Posted by: ll at December 19, 2005 08:57 PM

That's it. I'm coming to New York.

Posted by: Jeff G at December 20, 2005 02:32 AM

You were definitely mentioned, Jeff, as the person most missing from our party.

Posted by: Karol at December 20, 2005 04:44 AM

I have a dim memory of one of the women there last night comparing me to Jake Gyllenhaal. Not in the sense that I look like him; in the sense that, were I to pair off with a dude, I'd be the bottom.

Good times.

Posted by: Allah at December 20, 2005 10:46 AM

For the right price Karol might even be bribed into photoshopping the post 15th beer pictures ;)

Any shot? Then the world can see these two misfigured hunchbacks for the gruesome creatures they really are.

Posted by: Ari at December 20, 2005 02:01 PM
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