January 14, 2007

Hip torture

The WFMU blog posts a letter from a soldier in Iraq about his torture technique. I can hear Andrew Sullivan sobbing from here.

Hat-tip Peter.

UPDATE: I thought the hipster, WFMU-blog reading boyfriend was giving me a previously unlinked story but no, Allah had this 12 hours ago.

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Fortunately, I don't think the majority of Americans will ever conclude that this is morally unacceptable. To do so would be the equivalent of surrender.

Posted by: scot at January 14, 2007 10:06 AM

One of the commenters at the linked blogpost says "glad this soldier is on our side, we need more like him".

Posted by: Tatyana at January 15, 2007 11:07 AM

"To do so would be the equivalent of surrender."

You're so pitiful.

Dignity and strength aren't mutually exclusive.

Posted by: Joe Grossberg at January 16, 2007 01:59 PM

"Dignity and strength aren't mutually exclusive."

You're so irrelevant.

My argument was based on the fact that if people see this act of 'torture' as morally unacceptable, they will also lack the willpower to do what needs to be done to win a war, especially this kind of war. Not allowing ourselves the use of innocuous interrogation techniques or endlessly debating the concentration camp that Club Gitmo is made out to be is hardly the way serious nations fight wars.

Posted by: scot at January 17, 2007 01:08 AM
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